Monday, August 29, 2011

Sam Adams Brewery Tour

Nestled in a little residential neighborhood in Jamaica Plain, Boston, exists one of Boston's finest establishments. Yes, the  Samuel Adams Brewery. A few days after getting home from Spain, I was able to get a tour here and learn probably more than I ever wanted to know about the beer.

While we waited for the tour, we got to vote on the new beer for next winter's winter six pack. 

Then, on our tour, we got to taste and smell some of the hops they use to make their beers and see where they store the beer while it ferments and becomes what we drink.

But, of course, the part of the tour that everyone was looking forward too was the chance to sample beers on the last part of the tour. We got to try three beers, the Boston Lager, which is their most famous brew, the Octoberfest which is brewed with 5 different malts for a rich flavor, and Boston Brick Red which is only available on tap in and around Boston. We really liked the Boston Lager and the Octoberfest, but we were less impressed by the Boston Brick Red. But the one nice thing about the Brick Red is that Samuel Adams makes a donation to charities for every keg sold, so for this if nothing else, it may be worth a try if you see it next time you're out.

There are tours from Monday-Saturday and the cost is only a $2.00 suggested donation to local charities. Visit their website for more info!


  1. an interesting fact that I learned was that they "make" Boston water in Philly at their other factory so the beer takes the same! That is what I remember from the tour!
    Harpoon next?

  2. of course! hey, that's another thing we could do this weekend too!