Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Catholic Side of Granada, Spain

Though Granada is well known around the world for the Alhambra, there are also quite a number of sights of religious importance as well.

First is the Cathedral of Granada, home to the graves of Ferdinand and Isabelle, the ones who pushed the Moores out of Granada, thier last stronghold, and the same Ferdinand and Isabelle who commisioned the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria to sail across the Atlantic. You can even see them for yourself in the photo below. The caskets aren't so impressive, but the mausoleum above is fantastic, but between the security guards hovering and the fact that they were quite taller than myself, I couldn't get a good photo to show you here.

The graves of Ferdinand and Isabelle can be found in the Capilla Real (the royal chapel) which has  a separate entrance (and separate entry fee), but the cathedral itself has much to offer as well. I liked the small museum that holds the treasures of the cathedral. There you can see robes like this one below that are incredibly, intricately embroidered. I don't want to think how many hours it must have taken someone to embroider the things on display here.

After lunch on our so called religious day, we found ourselves at two different monasteries; Monasterio de San Jerónimo  and the Cartuja. Both were quite austere for the most part, as you would expect monasteries to be... until you walk into the chapels when you're overwhelmed with sights as impressive as any cathedral, just on smaller scales. Don't you agree?

I couldn't leave out a bone from one of the hundreds of relics I saw on this trip, could I?

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