Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cathedral of Sevilla

We visited a lot of churches and cathedrals in Spain, but my favorite was the Cathedral in Sevilla. Though it was once a mosque, you'd never know it unless someone told you. It doesn't resemble a mosque at all except for one tower, that I'll get to later. 

I didn't find that any of the churches in Spain had any impressive stained glass windows, but this one stained glass window in the church ( the only noticeable one in the whole place ) cast off some lovely colors on the ground below. 


Every altar that I saw got increasingly more impressive up until this one which is pretty near impossible to beat I think.

I love taking photos of the ceilings in these churches.... they are just marvelous...

Can you guess who's mausoleum could be so impressive? Well, it's none other than Christopher Columbus himself in here. The Guadalquivir river comes up into Sevilla and this is where all the riches of the new world were first brought. It's a fitting place for his grave.

The best part about this cathedral was the tower which you can climb with your admission to the cathedral. Here you can actually see the Arabic influence in the shape of the windows if you look closely. 

They allow you to climb right up to the top of the bell tower and you can get some amazing areal views of the city. 

We needed some friends living here with their roof top pools to cool down. 

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