Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chinatown in Boston!

You can take the girl out of Asia, but you can't take the Asia out of the girl.... or something like that. This week I've been into Chinatown twice. Once with an ex-coworker from Korea and another time with my Korean-American friend. Neither time, though, did we eat Korean food. It's strange, but I've been out of Korea for a month and I haven't craved Korean food once. I'm not sure if I just Korean fooded myself out over the past year and a half or if it's because somewhere inside, I know that the Korean food I will eat in the States is not only sub-par compared to what I eat in Korea, but it is also 4X the price. I get angry when I spend more than I think I should on anything. And even more so on something that doesn't taste as good as I hope.

So, so far, I've been sticking with Chinese food which is cheap and delicious, even if it's not authentic. (Plus, I've never lived in China, so I don't know what's good and what's bad, I just know what I like)

Steamed buns! But, filled with 밭; red bean. Not my favorite in Korea or America, but edible.

Monday was a stop at Hei La Moon, which I first visted just before coming to Korea back in 2008. This time I actually had my camera on me (when don't I have my camera on me nowadays?) and documented what we ate. This is about as authentic as it gets for dim sum, people, and probably not for the weak at heart (or stomach). We were the only non-Asians in sight in this huge place.

Beef filled... rice cakes? Very yummy. 

 Dumplings filled with shrimp and veggies... yummy! 

The Chinese fried bread I wanted to try so badly in China and never got the chance. Exactly how I imagined... fried bread. 

Tuesday night another friend of mine and I headed back to Chinatown and went to Taiwan Cafe in search of those soup filled dumplings I had in Nanjing a few months ago. 
But though we found them, and they were good, they were not nearly as good as that little shack on that side street in Nanjing. But, how could they have been?
 Crispy noodles, beef and veggies. Best of the evening
 Our table spread. In the middle is a beef and watercress dish that was also delicious!
 After dinner we headed over to our favorite bubble tea shop and got an avocado bubble tea. Mmmmmm

This is, I'm sure, just the beginning of my adventures in Chinatown while I'm home, so stay tuned!

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