Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do you want to fly Air Koryo?

I want to know what my readers think of this: Air Koryo's Facebook Fan Page

Air Koryo is the National airline of North Korea. The author of this page (who I'm not 100% convinced actually represents Air Koryo) is quite honest, but also extremely civil and makes the trolling South Korean insulters look pretty bad. They claim that while they are funded by the DPRK, they function independently.  And their English is... well.... pretty much perfect....

Great conversations happen here like:
  • Dongmin Kim Republic Of Korean's(south korea) people think the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(north korea) is equal to the air koryo. Think that part is able to understand.
    July 27 at 7:23am ·

    Air Koryo Korean Airways (조선민항 | Корё Ханггонг) Sorry, I can't exactly understand what you mean by that.
    July 27 at 7:25am ·
  • Air Koryo Korean Airways (조선민항 | Корё Ханггонг) Were you trying to explain to us that Air Koryo is a part of the DPRK Government? If so bingo! You're the winner. But honestly what's the actual point behind saying that?
    July 27 at 7:27am · 

    Air Koryo Korean Airways (조선민항 | Корё Ханггонг) ROK and DPRK are 100% separate nations with two ways of thinking. One does not impact on the other that often as you may think. Air Koryo is independent in how it operates and why it operates. It’s merely financed by the Government, as the Government doesn't utilize Air Koryo aircraft. Rather Air Koryo operates separate VIP configured airliners for the Government from separate air fields. There is minimal over lap except for national issues such as soccer teams and other sporting teams traveling abroad who will use a chartered flight or existing scheduled service.

    And this:

    • Gregori Quiros Hello Air Koryo, Air koryo have a internet page to the internet chek in??
      July 13 at 8:01am ·

      Air Koryo Korean Airways (조선민항 | Корё Ханггонг) You kidding right?
      July 13 at 8:27am
    • Gregori Quiros no !!!! its a good idea and a good solution to help the north korean tourism!
      July 13 at 12:03pm

      Air Koryo Korean Airways (조선민항 | Корё Ханггонг) There are many things to do before even looking at "Online check-in" such as actually creating a website. I think online check-in is just for the business traveler and the westerners which are a lower portion of the JS network.

So, do you want to fly Air Koryo now?


  1. As a South Korean, I probably don't want to take Air Koryo. Its not because of national disputes between the two countries. Its just that I don't feel safe... Not saying it would crash, since the planes are probably made elsewhere but, I'm worried about getting kidnapped -.- Which isn't a rare event...

  2. Awesome. I asked them on their page where the author of the page was located since I was under the impression that North Koreans living in North Korea were not allowed free internet access never mind Facebook access. And asked whether the government was in favor of the facebook page or not. And the comment was deleted and I was kicked out of the group. I tried to be as civil as possible because I was really genuinely curious!!!