Monday, March 1, 2010

Police History Museum

Today, March 1st, is a holiday here in Korea and therefore I was home from work looking for something to do. We decided to go to the Seoul History Museum (in between Seodaemun and Gwanghwamun), but upon arrival, we discovered it was closed. Probably because today is a Monday.

As we wandered through the neighborhood in the freezing cold (we were wearing spring jackets, assuming the weather would continue like it has for the past week) we came across the Police History Museum, and decided to take a look. Admission was free and they had a fair amount to see...for a free museum..

Here was a photo from the 1960's. Here in the top photo, the police are measuring the length of the man's hair. Hair was not allowed to be grown past a certain length back then. (gee, sounds like North Korea) In the bottom photo, police officer is measuring the length of the mini skirt. As miniskirts grew in popularity back then, restrictions were put in place to make sure that the woman covered enough of her leg (maybe we need to bring this back this particular law).

Uniforms from the Joseon Dynasty

Police uniforms from the Korean War

Police riot gear

North Korean spies

After the boyfriend got caught and put in prison, this is what he looked like...

I look Korean, right?

To visit the Police History Museum, go to Seodaemun Station ex 4 and walk for about 3 minutes, and you'll see it on your left. Sorry, no English here, folks... Bring a Korean

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