Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I wanna be on Misuda....

Ok, not really, only kind of...

If you read this blog regularly enough, you might realize that I have a very deep jealousy for non-Koreans who can speak Korean very well. I've been attending my hagwon for nearly 9 months now, and for some reason I thought that would mean that I'd be fluent by now. Obviously, I know it doesn't work like that, but it sure would be nice, though, huh? I know I'm improving daily, but it just feels so slow.

Anyway, I'm sure any language learner feel the same way. I'm sure many of you are wondering, though, what exactly is Misuda...

Misuda, or Minyeodului Suda (미녀들의 수다), or Global Talk Show, is a program that airs on KBS on Monday Evenings. The title of the show more or less translates to "Talking with Beautiful Women", but the show it a bit more than just beautiful women.

Guests on the show are usually women (sometimes men too) who are foreigners living in Korea and speak Korean fluently. Guests come from all walks of life in Korea. Some are married to Korean men (or some men are married to Korean women), some are students, some are half Koreans, and others work in various fields in Korea. The show discusses many topics and promote cross-cultural awareness. I think the idea of the show is great, I just wish it didn't center around "beautiful" women so much. Asian Offbeat has an article about how this show is able to shake the misconceptions around foreign women.

Episodes I've seen discuss everything from what kind of guy is your type, to child rearing in other countries, to appropriate marriage ages from country to country. It's really interesting to hear the differences between various cultures on these topics, because, quite often they are more different than you think. A show like this has a lot of potential to change the mindset of the average Korean. I'm not sure if they're actually doing that because they could pick much more controversial topics or at least, less female-centric questions and more broad questions that have wider appeal and could be watched by younger audiences too.

I really enjoy watching this show because it's one of the only shows that I have a chance of understanding enough to follow the dialogue. Even still, though, I have a hard time understanding... Some of the guests have really amazing Korean. I guess I should say... I wish my Korean was good enough to be on the show... I don't think I could stand the new stares on the subway when a foreign TV personality gets on and tries to read a book in peace and quiet..

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  1. Hi! >< i'm a korean girl and just happened to be here by chance! i was a bit surprised that some foreign woman who lives in korea want to be on 미수다! i heard foreigners are forced to say some flattering remarks about korea on the show!i don't know for sure.. but it also seems to be a good chance for foreigners to be on the show :D i think. i hope you will catch the chance soon:D