Monday, March 29, 2010

A Japanese Bar and an Unexpected trip to Japan Coming Soon!

Friday night we had no real plans, so we just started wandering around the neighborhood looking for somewhere to eat. While we saw nowhere in particular that looked amazing, just a lot of the usual, we kept walking and walking, all the way past Chonggu Station and further. By this point, we were starving and ready to settle for anything when we saw this place. It's called 함선생 (Hamsonseng) and it's a Japanese bar.They specialized in Japanese sake (rice liquor) and had many of the brands that I saw for sale in Japan... marked up at least 3 times the price, but well, this is Korea.We could have bought a whole box of sake (they come in squat milk bottle style containers) for ourselves for around 30,000 won, but it seemed a bit excessive. I guess if you don't finish it, they will keep the bottle for you for up to 3 weeks so you can come back and finish it.
So, insted of the big sake, we just got this little bottle of sake. It was enough for about 3 shot glasses for each of us. Sake generally is only 15-20% alcohol, so this isn't much.

We got some food to go along with it. This was a stirfried beansprout and pork terriaki dish. It was quite tasty!
We were still a bit hungry after that, so we got some grilled meat on a stick. Mmmmm....

This reminds me that I'll be going to Japan on another random weekend trip in May! maybe you remember that I went to Japan on a crazy leave Korea at 1 am sat. morning, get back to Korea at 7 am Monday morning kind of trip last October to Tokyo. It was great, but super exhausting.

This time we've found tickets to Kitakyushu, which is one hour from Fukuoka, Japan. We actually won't be going to Fukuoka. We plan instead to go directly to Beppu, which is a city on the coast with many onsen (hot springs). We'll spend a day or a day and a half here, then go back to Kitakyushu and check out what there is to see there. It doesn't seem like a big tourist town, but there is a castle there, some gardens and supposedly some nice waterfront sights to see. Plus, it's Japan, so I expect to sample the food every few hours regularly. We've got another month before that trip, so you'll just have to wait patiently for photos...

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