Saturday, March 20, 2010

Looking for Advice about Laser Hair Removal

I've only known one other blogger to write about this subject, though there are many threads on Dave's ESL (here, and here) . I would like to get laser hair removal here in Seoul. It seems there are many places around, but, as I'm looking to get it done in a very visible place, I want a very trustworthy place that has a good reputation. It seems that most of the places that have been listed on Dave's are clinics specially geared towards foreigners (Western and Japanese mostly) and therefore, it seems that their prices are higher than your normal clinic that caters only to Koreans. I feel that my Korean skills are high enough that it can compensate for any lack of conversation skills from doctors that are skilled in their trade, but not in English. If I can, I'd like to go to a place that doesn't overcharge their patients for the extra service of speaking English.

So, here are the questions. Have you gotten laser hair removal in Seoul?, if so, where?, how was the price?, how were the results?, would you recommend it? Obviously, if they can speak English well, it's a plus, but if not, I'm ok with it.

Even if the price is high, though, I'm still ok with it, as long as it has good results... I just hate the idea of being overcharged just because I'm a foreigner. Please let me know your experiences in general. Thank you.

Some friends of mine went to :
Nova Skin and Hair Clinic

if I don't get any replies here, I'll go here, but, as it's in Gangnam, it's a bit inconvenient for me to get to...


  1. I don't know about Seoul, but in the States, laser hair removal doesn't work. I had a girfriend that tried it. Didn't work. It was painful and the hair grew back after a few weeks. Adam Carolla, the guy who used to be on loveline, did that laser surgery for his neck/beard, and it grew back as well.

  2. Well, of course you need 4-6 treatments to see results... the hair grows in different cycles, so you can only kill one cycle of hair follicles at a time. I'm sure it must work for most people or it would never have gotten approved to be practiced... people would be complaining and asking for refunds all over the place. How many treatments did your girlfriend get?

  3. I got it done at the same clinic as the blog you linked to (I actually took her recommendation). I found the price reasonable. Much more reasonable than home. I dont think you get ripped off for going to a clinic where some of the doctors speak English. Usually prices in Korea are affected by how big and nice the hospital is. I think that hospital is really nice.

    Anyway, the deciding factors in price & efficacy will be how many sessions you need. This depends on your hair. My body hair is very thin and very light and there's not much of it. I actually couldnt get it done on my arms or legs or face (not that I need it *^^*) because of this.

    I've only had two sessions but I have seen a good result. I'll probably get two more.

  4. I think my g/f had 5 or 6 sessions. The only reason they wouldn't approve the treatment is if it was actually harmful. Take viagra for example. It was originally developed to increase blood flow in elderly patients with hardened arteries. The researchers noticed that these old guys were having erections during the trials, so they marketed the pill as something else. Still got approved by the FDA.

    Anyway, after the treatmens, my g/f would have to start shaving again after a few weeks. She didn't think the time, money and pain were worth it, so she stopped going after a while. But it's not like it was a permanent fix.

  5. I've had at least 14 extremely painful treatments at this point, with little to no results. I am in the process of obtaining a refund from American Laser Centers, all $3,000 of it. If they refuse to give me a refund, I am hiring a lawyer.

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  6. Mary, you might be interested in this post: the doctor basically told me not to waste my time and money...

  7. I do waxing instead of shaving and it's quite effective but of course I want it gone. FOREVER. I am white but my hair growth are really gross. How many sessions are needed to permanently have those villains gone? Thanks and more power to us! Girls rock!

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  9. Is laser hair removal for men recommneded? I currently use Miracal Shave to some degree of effectiveness on my scrotum and around the base of my penis. Why? because my wife likes the smooth feel and it's a turn on for her and it's all about pleasing the wife. I'm not a hairy guy as it is but am wondering if these treatment sessions would be effective for a guy. We live in Itaewon?

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