Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still Skiing in March

I wish I had taken a photo of some of the snow still up by Yongpyong this weekend. Folks in Seoul would not believe there was probably a foot on the ground just in the town surrounding the mountain, nevermind on the actual ski slopes. Sure, you can call this spring skiing, because it was definitely not prime conditions, but hey, these are the last chances to go skiing until next December.

Instead of paying the 35,000 won price for a lift ticket, I opted instead to buy a season pass (good for the rest of the season...) for 60,000 won. It seems a little strange to get a season pass now, but if I go one more time I will have saved 10,000 won, plus I get 60,000 won off the price of a season ticket next year, which I will definitely be getting if I'm planning on skiing as much as I have this winter. If I had been in Korea in January, I would have just bought one anyway for this year.

Anyway, if you want to get your skiing on for the last time this season, I expect there will be at least one more worthwhile weekend at Yongpyong. And hopefully you'll see me there too.

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