Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bukchon and Samchong-dong

Sunday, after making my way from the Cheonggyechong to Jongno, to Unhyeongung I made my way into Bukchon and then to Samchong-dong. This is a great area to walk around and take some photos and stroll on a nice day. The Bukchon neighborhood has many homes that have been constructed in a traditional style, and some of them look like they are actually very old homes that were origionally built when the traditional style way called the normal style.

As we walked around, we came upon two camera crews. One was photographing a couple for their wedding photos, and another crew was evidently filming for some sort of TV program or movie.
This is also a great place to check out some museums. It feels as if every other house actually seconds as some sort of museum for something random. This is the home of the Chicken Art musuem (but we didn't find it on this excusion.. .maybe next time), the Owl museum, not to mention many art galleries, and museums displaying things from yesteryear.

If you walk up and around to the other side of Bukchon, you'll eventually come into Samchong-dong which is a little neighborhood full of boutiques and nice restaurants. We didn't eat here, but we did find one hole in the wall making hoddok, which is a fried cake full of sugary goodness. I tried it for the first time on Sunday.

Samchong-dong is full of tourists and Koreans alike, but it's definately a place to check out, just for fun or maybe to eat on an occasion when you feel like splurging.

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