Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weird English Names

At my old hagwon, students generally stuck with their Korean names except for a few exceptions, but, at my new hagwon, children (or the children's parents) choose English names for their children to be used during class time.

Most names are pretty normal names. Biblical names like John, Matthew, Sarah, Luke, James, Mark, etc., seem to be fairly be fairly popular. For some reason the name Jay is quite popular, I have 3 or 4 Jays between my various classes.

Some students, though, have some Weird names. None of my students this month have strange names, but I've seen some names on other folks attendance lists... such as:

Kandi (with a heart to dot the i...)

Brings me back to the good old days of middle school Spanish, when we all had to choose a name to use in class. I used Ana for the longest time, but by college I seemed to go by Juana by no one's decision but my professor, but it seemed to fit. Though, back in Middle school, kids found out that Nacho was a name and insisted that that would be their Spanish name. Kids like to pick the most ridiculous names...

Unfortunately, when one becomes an adult, you need to have a respectable sounding name. I hope that one day students who choose to be called Donkey pick something a little less awkward when it comes time to make introductions.. .

Have you had some students with strange English names? Please feel free to add them to the comments, I need a good laugh...

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  1. Hehehe, my students would KILL to have English K-Pop type names like Nickhoon or Jay or Hero!

    My weirdest students names were picked by the head teacher, Hamish and Zeus.