Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adventures with a blender

Me and the boyfriend have been talking about getting a blender for some weeks now. We've looked on craigslist and on online shopping websites, but we couldn't seem to find one that was nice enough and cheap enough for our standards. This evening we met up with two of my old coworkers from Seongdong. One of whom is leaving at the end of April and is starting to clean house in preparation. She mentioned she was getting rid of some things and I asked if she had a blender. She did! Not only was it a blender, but it was a blender with three different blender containers and two different blades. She wanted to give it to me for free, because it had been something left behind by some other teacher she had taken the apartment from, but I gave her 10,000 won for it, since these things tend to be expencive. Someone must have paid a fair amount for it... somewhere in the history of the many residents of that particular apartment.

We brought it home and tried it immediately. She also gave us some garlic that she had too much of and first thing first, we ground the garlic to make cooking with it easier. It blended it beautifully.

Next were the anchovies. It's strange, because I just had a conversation yesterday with a girl who is married to a Korea guy. She told me that all Koreans use anchovy powder in nearly everything they cook. I said, now wait, I don't do any of the cooking in my house... and I only eat Korean food... but yet, I've never seen anchovy powder in my house. Her conclusion was that Korean men don't know how to cook... which in my opinion is a vast over-generalization, since my Korean man can cook quite well.. even without anchovy powder.

Anyway, later I asked about this to the boyfriend and he told me that if he had anchovy powder, he might use it in some food... though, not everything... Now with the blender I realized that the little frozen fish in my freezer (left behind by the last tenant) were actually anchovies, and were consequently thrown into the blender and their little frozen bodies were shredded into a fine brownish gray powder.
I though we were done with blender adventures for the night after the garlic and the anchovies. But the boyfriend was not through. He gets a little carried away in the kitchen sometimes and he decided to test the blender to it's limit. He decided that if he mixed a carrot with apple juice, it would make apple-carrot juice. Ok, whatever, let's try it. Anyway, it was looking a bit like baby food since we didn't have much apple juice to mix it with. We had to shake the container a little to mix bits of carrot a little more... when all of a sudden.... the cover popped off and the baby food like contents splattered across the kitchen. It was another half hour of clean up. After that, we were done for the night with the blender.

Anyway, the blender is awesome... as long as the cover is on tight... I hope I have more adventures soon!

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