Sunday, January 3, 2010

Apple Pie

There's not much more American than an apple pie. I've been making apple pies since I was probably 5 years old. I have my favorite recipe, which came off the back of one of those pie crust boxes, it's called perfect apple pie, and it really is the perfect recipe.

Bethy ready to peel

Beautifully cored apple

Last week my mom bought some apples which she thought were on sale (although when she checked her receipt later it turns out they really weren't) and so we had a big ol' bag of apples sitting around. Last night me and Beth were bored, so we thought we'd throw together an apple pie.

I was in charge of cutting and peeling

I bought some crust at the Fruit Center this week... it was wheat crust, which I thought would be interesting to try. Unfortunately, just like wheat bread, wheat crust tends to be less pliable than it's white counterpart and therefore no good at making a top crust on an apple pie. Lesson learned for the future.

I tried it today, though, and dispute the sad looking crust, it still tastes great, even the crust tastes ok too!

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