Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coming along...

Well, the apartment is starting to take shape. I think I've cleaned about 85% of what needs to be cleaned, and it's starting to feel a little more home-like. We found a bed for only 30,000 won (+35,000 won moving fee) on a Korean used furniture website. It's pretty basic, but it works. We moved the TV into the bedroom and decided that we're going to try to live without cable, since we're not big TV watchers anyway. This morning I put the rickety bookshelf into the bedroom, but it looks like it's about to topple over because the back is not attached. I'm wondering how to attach it without hammer and nails / staple gun.

Last night we set up some bars in the small room to hang clothes on. That was probably a two hour affair, trying to get all the bars even and the right distance from one another and the wall. But now I feel like I have one giant walk-in closet. The boyfriend was convinced I had so many clothes that we needed 5 bars plus two shelves, but once I got everything hung I really don't think all that was necessary. Oh well, I have room for expansion, I guess. Then, of course, there are all my summer clothes that are in the mail on their way. I guess (if I could find enough hangers) I could hang those up... that would fill up those bars pretty quickly.

The kitchen took a while to clean... there was grease everywhere I looked... walls, cabinets, stove, counter. After a few hours of scrubbing, it's starting to look much nicer. I've rearranged most of the kitchenwares and it's starting to feel like my kitchen now. I have a rice cooker, which is a first for me. I made rice by myself this morning in it... and it turned out... ok.. but I need to get the proportions of rice/water a little better next time.

I'm very proud of the improvements I've made to the bathroom. I hung two shower curtains to contain the water to the middle of the floor, I've scrubbed all the mold I can get off the walls, and I found plastic covering for the window to keep out the awful draft. The bathroom is feeling warmer and (slightly) drier than before.

The only major things I still need are a dresser and a nightstand. I think I've found a small dresser on craigslist, and I'm hoping to pick that up tonight. I'll continue on my search for a nightstand in the coming days I guess.

I'm also waiting to get my internet and phone set up. The boyfriend says he's gona call, but it hasn't happened yet, I hope he gets around to it soon... I'm starting to wonder how hard it can be to call for me and my mediocre Korean skills. We're planning on getting an internet phone, which is very cheap or free when you get the internet, and you can even make international calls for cheap rates on it (though, when I have skype, I don't see why it's necessary..).

Anyway, I'm off to meet a friend for Indian food for lunch. Updating from Starbucks is no fun. When I get my internet up and running, expect to see photos from the new apartment!

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