Monday, June 28, 2010

Pizza School

Pizza in Korea tends to be overpriced. Recently, I wrote about the fact that one medium Domino's pizza for take out here cost me about 18,000 won. But, if you're craving pizza and short of cash, there is always one reliable option: Pizza School.

Pizza School is actually a pretty new phenomenon here in Seoul. When I first arrived there was only one within walking distance to me, and it was a bit out of the way so I didn't go often. Now, there are at least two more within walking distance to my house, which actually makes it TOO convieneint. I get pizza now more than I should.

So, what's so great about this place? Well, their basic pizzas start at only 5,000 won. Why so cheap? Well, it's take out only. In Korea, they don't charge extra for delivery, nor do they accept tips. So, in order to pay for delivery, motorcycles, gas and delivery boys, they've got to jack up the prices of the pizza. Not so at Pizza School. No delivery means cheap prices.

Pizza school has got all sorts of interesting options for pizzas. I usually get the combination pizza, or just a plain cheese pizza (which always comes standard with corn. If you really hate corn, you can ask them to to make it without it). Yesterday we decided to be adventurous and get some of their stranger pizza options.

This time we ordered Mexican Bite Pizza and Carbone Pizza.

What we didn't realize when we ordered the carbone pizza was that it was actually carbonara pasta on a pizza, complete with noodles and all. Actually, it tasted ok, but it wasn't my favorite.

On the other hand, here is my Mexican bite pizza. Yea, this one is weird, hot chicken, sweet potato around the edge, and cheese bite crust. I didn't actually have high expectations for this one... but it was amazing. When I ordered it, the man behind the counter said, "Are you sure you want to order that pizza? It's very spicy..." probably because he saw me, the weigookin. Anyway, upon trying it, it has nothing on a typical kimchi jjigae which I eat several times a week. Koreans think us westerners are babies or something.

Anyway, Pizza School is an excellent choice when you're craving pizza. Just... don't look at the calorie information on the menu... it might ruin your experience when you realize that one pizza is about what your entire daily caloric intake should be...


  1. Easily my favorite pizza in Korea :) It's worth noting that their Pepperoni pizza comes without corn, for those unwilling to add some extra veggies to your diet.

  2. I wonder if there's anyone out there who dislikes pizza school. It's soooo good...

  3. The calories aren't so bad when you have half a pizza for lunch and wrap up the rest for dinner.

  4. Haha, I don't like Pizza School at all... or any Korean pizzas I've had so far. They all skimp on the sauce... I like my pizza with a lotttt of sauce. Like Little Caesars back home.

  5. Korean pizzas definitely take some getting used to. But, now I have to say I love them..

  6. Good info. But where are the locations?
    Their website is all in Korean.

    I haven't seen any in the History and Culture Park Station area.

  7. I don't know of any specifically in dongdaemun, but There's one in Sindang across the street from Jungang Market on an alley. And another at the Sangwangsimni intersection. Those are both relatively close to the area...


  8. there are 3 pizza schools within 5 minutes of dapsimni station. shit is crazy!