Wednesday, June 23, 2010

금산사: Geumsan Temple in Jeonju

Our last stop in Jeonju was 금산사 Geumsan Temple. It was quite a trek to get here, first a 1/2 an hour bus ride, then a bit of a walk to the temple.

Yes, I've been to a lot of temples. And yes, they all start to look the same... but they're still pretty!

Temples usually have somewhere where you can scoop up some water to drink from publicly used drinking ladles.
Here is the inside of one of the many small temples within the temple grounds. This is a spot where a monk would come in to pray (or is meditate the better word?). You can see the mokt'ak, or wooden instrument that monks use in most ceremonies. You can also see some fruit as an offering in front of Buddha as well.

This guy was something we found on the way up to the temple. He was in a tiny little shrine on the side of the road. It doesn't look like Buddha to me, but I'm not really sure what he looks like, so who knows. It was quite cool though.

By the way, if anyone is interested in learning more about Korean temples, I highly recommend this website. I looked all around for what that wooden instrument was called, but this was the first website I could find that mentioned it. I still want to know what the fountain is called and the significance behind that, but I've yet to find it. I'm sure it's something to do with cleansing, but I'd like to read a more authoritative source.

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