Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Drinking our Makkoli

Three of us met up on Sunday to drink the makkoli we made the previous Friday. We were able to drink it at a little hidden travel cafe in Jongno where you're allowed to bring in whatever food or drink you like. Our makkoli turned out ok, but very thick. We diluted it with wine which tasted pretty good, but was super strong.

The owner of the travel cafe was kind enough to run out to a market and get us some snacks (aka lunch). He got us this lovely little plate of sundae (noodle filled intestine lining... not so gross when you think that sausage is meat filled sausage lining though), liver, pig ear and something else I can't remember and not visible in the photo. I ate a little of the sundae, but I couldn't bring myself to eat the other stuff.

This nice jeon was a much nicer snack.


  1. Sucks I couldnt come because i had to work. I hope no one drank my makkeolli??

  2. Well, we took what was left.. I can bring you some tomorrow if you want... but I have a feeling you're not going to like it.... it's super thick and strong...

  3. sure. just a little jar would be nice. you are probably spot on that i may not like it. but it would be a waste of 25,000won to not get even just a little of my hard earn alcohol. lol