Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Domino's Ripoff

You know, I'd never been to a Domino's in Korea until last weekend. I always assumed it'd be a little more expencive than home, but not much, because they look about the same. No tables, just delivery or takeout only. They drive around on little motorbikes and deliver pizza just like every other delivery place in Korea. No one would dream of driving a car to deliver food. Too slow and too much gas I guess.

So, for some reason last weekend my house smelled like pizza... maybe my neighbors got delivery or something and it put me in a pizza eating mood. So, on my way to Korean class, we stopped by Domino's because it's just next door to the class to get a quick bite to eat.

Now, at home in the US, Domino's is pretty cheap, right? I'm looking at their website now. I guess it's a little more expencive than when I was in high school and I actually ate Domino's, but nowadays it looks like you can get two medium sized pizzas for $5.99 each, and buying a large size cheese pizza is about 10.99 depending on what kind of crust etc. So, I was guessing maybe 8-9,000 won for a medium sized pizza.... Pizza School starts at 5,000 won for their standard size pizza and it tastes pretty nice.

I was shocked when I looked at the menu and found that a medium size, regular crust, cheese pizza was about 18,000 won. I was ready to walk out of the shop, but the boyfriend didn't seem shocked at all by the price and just paid for it. When we got the pizza, it was just bigger than a small size at home (well, everything is smaller here, that's not necessarily a bad thing), and it didn't taste like anything special. The only redeeming factor of the whole pizza, actually, was the free garlic sauce which gave it some extra flavor it desperately needed.

So, the moral of the story here, folks, is if you want cheap pizza, go to Pizza School, and if you want gourmet pizza, go to Pizza Hut (or the best restaurant in the city) but, if you go to Domino's, expect high prices and low quality. How does this place stay in buisness???

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  1. There's a Papa John's near me and it's pretty much the same--16 K for a medium-sized pizza with one ingredient. It's better than Pizza School, but not three times better! Papa John's also has the little garlic butter cup plus some packets of tobasco.