Monday, June 14, 2010

Cheering for Korea

I'm really impressed by the amount of cheers that the Koreans have at any given sporting game and how well organized they are about it. I decided to take some video during the Korea vs. Greece game on Saturday and explain some of the chanting, since I know some of my friends weren't sure what they were shouting and there were also a few I was curious about too. I put them together to make this YouTube video with a quick translation of the cheers.

In addition, I've put together a list of some Korean words you might like to know while watching with Koreans shouting unknown things in your ear.....

  • 남아공 (Namakong)- Republic of South Africa

  • 대한민국 (Taehanminkuk)- Republic of Korea

  • 한국 (Hanguk)- Korea (common word)

  • 이기다 (ee-ki-da)- to win (uncongugated) - 이겼어요 (ee-gyeoss-eo-yo)- won (past tense) 이겼다 (ee-gyot-ta)- won (past tense in exclamation or speaking to oneself)

  • 지다 (ji-da)- to loose (uncongugated) - 졌어요 (jyoss-eo-yo)- lost

  • 승/승리 (sung/ sungri)- victory

  • 안돼! (an-dwei)- No way! Can't be possible!

  • 아프겠다 (ah-pu-get-ta)- That looks like it hurt!

  • 야! 병신아! (Ya! Pyeongshin-ah!)- Hey, you handicapped person! (common insult)

Incidentally, most of the cheers are pretty easy to figure out. This one had me stumped for a bit. I guess it's a new one. I'm sure you'll hear it around. You can listen to it here, along with lots of other cheering songs.

승리를 위하여
그대와 함께가리라~ (I will go together with you)
오오~오오오오~오오오오~오오 (Oh~Oh~)
승리를 위하여 (For victory)
그대와 함께가리
승리를 위하여
그대와 함께가리라

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