Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yongpyong Ski Resort

Two weekends ago (or was it three now? I can't remember) I went to Yongpyong ski resort to ski for the day. We skied from 11:30 or so, until 4:00. Because it is considered off-season, the full day ticket was only 20,000 won. Definitely a steal.

While the weather in Seoul was in the mid 40's (at least), arriving in the resort area was quite a shock. There was actually snow on the ground. That's why we decided to go here actually. They had just received 40 cm of snow two days earlier (1.3 feet?). The great thing about Yongpyong is it's height. Most ski hills in Korea are pretty small in my humble opinion. Yongpyong has got to be one of the highest ski hills in the country. So, when you're up on top, you can feel the frigid air and ski in great conditions. But you can feel the temperature chance by the time you make it to the bottom and you're skiing in slush and ripping off layers of clothes.

Here is the cable car that takes you from the bottom to the highest peak. It's a nice ride.

The drama "Winter Sonata" partially filmed here, so Yongpyong markets it as much as possible. But, I love ridiculous photo ops....

Me in the gondola... ready to ski!

Anyway, I really like Yongpyong. it's a bit far from Seoul (2 hours or so by car... if there's no traffic and you drive really fast) but, if you get the chance, I'd say it's worth it. Luckily, I was able to drive there since my friend has a car. If not, it might have been a rather long bus ride.

Anyway... I sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. I have so many posts in my head that need to be written, but my present schedule leaves little time for such luxuries... I just keep telling myself that my paycheck at the end of the month will make it worth it......

Oh, and if anyone is curious, I really did ski a double black diamond. :-)

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