Saturday, March 7, 2009

New (to me) Clothes

One fact about living in Korea is, while sad but true, everyone leaves. It may be after 3 days, it may be after 10 years, but everyone goes home. No one really plans on living out their days here unless they are married to a Korean or something. This past week, 5 teachers left my school. Most have either definite plans to come back in a few months or are strongly considering it. One got a public school job in Jamsil. Either way, though, they are leaving the country and/or moving out of their apartments and they need to clean house.

Whenever this happens, we have a tradition at our school. Teachers have an 'estate sale', which isn't really a sale at all, but just a party to give away all the crap (usually clothes) that they don't want or need. In the past week, I've gotten stuff from 4 different people. A lot of the clothes have been handed down about 3 times. But that's alright... still looks good on me. My wardrobe needed something new. I am too cheap to go clothes shopping... which is sad, considering the fact that you can buy most stuff here for less than $10. But, hey, who needs clothes shopping when you can get everything for free?

Anyway, I need to unpack my 3 bags of clothes and triple my wardrobe.

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