Friday, March 20, 2009

Samsung VLUU WB500

So... does anyone know anything about this camera? It's Korean... Samsung. Probably only sold in Korea, because I can't find any reviews on the typical camera review sites. I did find this one blog entry about it on Naver:

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. strong point of this camera
    1. compact size with good spec
    2. good zoom, x10 optical zoom
    3. good wide angle, 24mm
    4. good price : KRW400,000 including 2GB memory

    weak point
    1. the brand Samsung, they are trying for making good camera, but its name value is still lower than Canon or Nikkon
    2. No view finder
    3. It's very new camera, so difficult to find reliable review

    사공이 많으면 배가 산으로 간다
    please keep this korean proverb in ur mind,
    and last decision is your task.
    and you can try this camera by yourself at Samsung's service center in Seoul
    조양!! GOOD LUCK