Friday, March 20, 2009

An Outbreak of Man Perms and Orange Hair....?

Is it just me, or have you been seeing more man perms around? You know, that unnaturally curly Asian hair? Or what about orange hair? I don't remember seeing much orange hair until recently. My theory on these odd hair styles is the smash hit series Boys Before Flowers.

Everywhere I go now, I see men with ridiculous curly hair. Sometimes it looks similar to Gu Joon Pyo (see the first photo above). Some look like tiny nasty curls that are only on the top layer of their hair. I think that they are missing the point that Gu Joon Pyo is hot, despite of, not because of, his curly hair.

The orange hair was always popular in Asia I think, but I've definitely seen more of it in the past month or two. I suspect this mass outbreak of orange hair is in imitation of Ji Hoo (see second photo above). That longer cut is getting popular too. Most Korean girls seem to think that Ji Hoo is hotter than Gu Jun Pyo. My American friends and I disagree. Just look how cute the actor that plays Gu Jun Pyo is (whatever his name is...). Even better without the man perm, right? Or have I just spent too much time in Asia?

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