Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Field Trip Day

Every month at SLP, generally the fourth Thursday of the month, the preschoolers get to go on a field trip. I was just happy, because I didn't have to teach. We got to school, made the kids go to the bathroom, stuck name tags on them with our Korean partner teacher's phone number on them in case the wandered off, stuck them on a bus and off we went.

I didn't really know anything about what we were going to see, other than the fact that it was some sort of show, that it was in Hyehwa, and that it was in Korean. It was called 오디 (Audi). Sadly, I kind of enjoyed this production made for pre-schoolers because the Korean was only just slightly above my level instead of completely incomprehensible. I found that I could actually understand every third word or so, and could follow along quite well. Every once in a while I asked one of the Korean teachers what some word was, but they were generally words that I could have guessed on my own, but I just wanted to make sure. I learned two words: akki (instrument) and insa (bow).

The show first took about 20 minutes showing off some strange instruments and letting the kids try them.

Then after the woman (who exaggerated every word out of her mouth) introduced all the instruments, she called out the other "teachers" to the stage. Then they taught the kids from a storybook about a Gorilla who paints pictures. Actually, I think this is an American picture book, because it looked familiar, but they made the production in Korean.

My kids were very well behaved and they all seemed to love it. I was so pleased when one of my kids screamed out in English (Very Nice!!!), even though all the other classes were talking in Korean.

The Korean "Teacher" showing us the book and explaining art to us...

Then we headed back to the bus and back to SLP just in time for lunch. After lunch the kids got to watch the rest of the DVD that they had started watching on birthday party day. Lucky me, I had such a nice, peaceful day. Why can't everyday be so easy??

Line to go home from Hyehwa

Rock Paper Scissors in the bus ride home.... if you don't know, this is the most popular game in Korea... and also the end-all be-all of deciding who goes first in any other game.

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