Monday, December 6, 2010

Sick Day

I'm taking a sick day today. I don't even know if I get sick days. But I have been feeling really awful. Yesterday I had a fever. I don't think I've had a fever since middle school. I didn't even remember what having a fever felt like. It was awful.  My asthma was kicking up all weekend. And my nose is running like a faucet. I won't describe the pile of tissues next to me that keeps growing as the day goes by. And my head just feels swollen and every time I move too fast I get dizzy and light headed. I went to the doctor this morning, of course by then my fever had broken and my asthma had died down. The doctor didn't look too concerned, but he didn't like the sound of my cough. I got a new cocktail of drugs, plus two inhalers (mine from the states was long expired and wasn't working so well anymore). With the two inhalers it became by far the most expencive drug store visit I've ever had, but, even still it was only 20,800 won. That would have been much more expencive in the states.

Then the boyfriend treated me to breakfast of juk, Korean rice porridge. I'm so lucky to have someone who takes care of me when I'm so far from home <3


  1. I have asthma too and though it is a mild form I was wheezing like an old man this weekend. No fun at all. It sounds like I've had the same symptoms as you. Today I have felt better though, and hope you do soon too.

    Unlike you I don't like juk but my wife made me some 참치찌개 and I'm hoping it works its wonders.

  2. Yea, there's something definitely going around, I've seen a few other people with the same symptoms too. My boyfriend tried to get me to eat some 순두부찌개 too, but I just wasn't craving spicy things.... what I really wanted was some chicken noodle soup or something with a lot of broth... but I settled for the juk since we were out to go to the doctor's office anyway...

  3. I think you should blame the weather: It was really cold on Wed., then practically balmy on Thurs, freezing Fri., wet on Sunday, and coldest yet today!

    Man, I wonder if I'm still in Georgia.

  4. Nah, I've been sick for 3 weeks now. I think it was really the soccer game that pushed me over the edge. That's when I got my fever. I thought I needed to get out of the house, but I guess that wasn't the case... and I'm sure the Hite didn't help either..