Monday, December 6, 2010

Beirut Restaurant in Itaewon

Welcome to Beirut Restaurant,  Seoul's first Lebanese restaurant. It's just a hole in the wall kind of place, but you can expect everything to be made in front of you with fresh ingredients while you wait. The owner is a friendly, talkative kind of guy who can give you recommendations on what to eat, especially if you're like me and know nothing about Lebanese food. As it is more of a take out place, he serves mostly sandwiches, Lebanese style wraps and falafel. Everything is priced right, our two wraps were only 4,000 won each.

Preparing each wrap by hand before baking in the oven.

 Making perfect, flat dough circles to prepare the wraps. 

 Herb and cheese wrap with delicious mozzarella cheese

Enjoying the herb and cheese wrap

Lamb wrap with veggies and spice

If there is a new place you want to try in Itaewon, this should be your next stop. As it is a new restaurant, the word needs to get out about this place. Stop by for take out, or eat in one of the small tables inside. It's authentic as it gets here with an amazing chef!

To get here, go up the hill in Itaewon past hooker hill and homo hill and turn left down the next street, heading toward the Mosque. It will be on your left. Check the map for more details.

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  1. Ooh, gotta go there! There was a great Lebanese place near my college, and I dearly love that stuff. Thanks for this post.

  2. Def check it out and spread the word. The owner is very friendly and the food is fresh! If you take some photos for your blog, he'll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about his restaurant!

  3. Jo-Anna! I love this place! Glad you wrote something about it... I've been meaning to get the word out myself. You should submit it to Seoul Eats ^^

  4. U think? I really make a terrible food critic. I'm not good at explaining the taste of the food in my mouth. I just tell what I eat and how I like it :-). I want to go back and take some more photos. Maybe if I do that I'll submit it to Seoul Eats... need to be better informed -_-