Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sincheon's "Jeonju Makkoli" and Street Food

Ever since our trip to Jeonju early in the summer we've wanted to drink some makkoli, Jeonju style, again. At some point or other, my boyfriend found this place "전주 생 막걸리" in Sinchon and we decided we had to check it out. We'd been talking about it for ages when my boyfriend finally decided that Friday night was the night to go. We just went with the two of us, and with some other friends it would have been more exciting, but anyway, maybe we'll go back because it was quite nice.

 The interior didn't look very special, but when we ordered our makkoli (6,000 for two bottles of Jeonju Makkoli in a kettle) the panchan (side dishes) immediately reminded us of Makkoli Town in Jeonju. While not quite as numerous, or elaborate, upon ordering our kettle of makkkoli, we got a dish of silk worm larvae, ginseng, some kind of sea creatures, along with vegetables. With just two of us we never got to order more makkoli to test whether we could get more entertaining side dishes like in Jeonju, where you get more and more elaborate side dishes with every kettle of makkoli ordered. We also had to order real anju, as opposed to getting it included with the price of our makkoli. But that was ok since we got to choose what we got rather than hoping to get lucky and getting something good to come out. We ordered spicy buchu (scallion) pancake. All together, for two bottles of makkoli, all the panchan (which come with the makkoli) and the buchu-jeon we paid 12,000 won. Not bad I think.

 After the Jeonju Makkoli joint we stopped by a street food stall before hopping the subway to get home. We had some ddeokbokki ( spicy sauce with rice cakes), and twigim (fried things).

Our 튀김... 만두, 고추, 계란, 김밥, 오징어 (dumplings, hot pepper, egg, kimbab, and squid, all fried) coming to a total of 2,500 won. Plus 떡보기  for another 2,500 won.



  1. Still not a huge fan of this drink, but it is growing on me!

  2. I think it's an acquired taste ^^