Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Halloween at SLP

This year's Halloween was the most relaxing I've had in Korea yet. My old school would ask everyone to stay late the night before the party, and decorate. Then afternoon teachers would have to come in to help with the preschool Halloween party, then stay late to run the afternoon student's Halloween party. No one ever got breaks because everyone was assigned one room and there wear kids constantly coming in and out. 

At my new school, there's none of that foolishness. We only had 5 rooms for games and things. One Movie room, craft room, game room and spelling bee room. I actually had lots of breaks since there are way more than 5 teachers to cover 5 rooms. I was supposed to do a craft with the evening kids, but I couldn't imagine telling the 5th and 6 graders "OK guys, we're going to make a pumpkin with paper and tie it to a string!" I would have been booed out of the room. So, I put it to a vote. How many want to make a pumpkin? How many want to watch a movie? And obviously, the movie won. So, I put on The Nightmare Before Christmas for them. Without subtitles. As I was watching it I realized that even an English speaking elementary school student would have trouble understanding it. They use a lot of advanced vocabulary. Then put it in a musical form and it's like a recipe for disaster. But, the kids watched it peacefully enough, considering the fact that they were just staring at pictures essentially for an hour.

Anyway, on to the photos: 

First up is my costume. I've never had a really scary costume before. It was super fun to see kids expressions when they turned around and found me next to them. I am a 처녀귀신- cheonyeo gwishin  or essentially a virgin ghost. Everyone knows this ghost as it's quite famous in Korea. If you can't guess, it's the ghost of a girl who died before she was married.

My favorites. I teach them every day. They are hyperactive and wild, but they study hard and are super smart. I'm sad because it was the girl in the middle, Lucia's, last day.

The adorable and super smart Seo Woo. She is 7 years old, but she is super mature for her age. 

The cutest boy in the school, Yu Chan. He is in our 3rd year Kindergarten class. Meaning he's been studying English since he was Korean age 5. His English is amazing. Even if he has trouble sitting still for more than 2 minutes. 

 My Jennifer. She is in 3rd grade. She's another one with amazing English. She studied in an international school in Vietnam before coming to our school.

Jane is another sweetheart. This mask is the total opposite of her personality.  She is the quietest student I've ever seen, sometimes I have to stand next to her to hear what she is saying, and even then it's hard to hear. Which is why I particularly liked the fact that she was wearing a Scream mask....

And this is not from SLP, but I stumbled across this mask seller in Itaewon last night. I particularly liked the Obama mask, although they had a lot of other interesting masks as well.

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