Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making Noodles, Traditional Style

 It started as one big piece of dough. And he kept twisting and stretching.. twisting and stretching...

Then, like magic, it started to look like noodles...

Finally I decided to make a video rather than taking 100 photos. I only caught the very end, but that's the most impressive part.... 

Then, all you need is some Jajang and you have Jajangmyon! 


  1. Making noodles is a very hard process. I remember seeing the teams do that in last season's Amazing Race. I think they had to make two kilograms. I was instantly captivated when I saw them doing this at the Suwon Festival this past weekend. Great pics and vid.

  2. Good stuff! I love seeing this process in any culture--Italians, French, Chinese all do it basically the same way.