Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mountain Food

After our hike down from Yongmunsan, we stopped at the restaurant area at the bottom of the mountain for some dinner. The boyfriend was quite excited to see 더덕 막걸리 (dodok makkoli) which is a rice wine made with the root of a plant. Incidentally, the makkoli had been bottled the same day we drank it... how's that for fresh?

We originally ordered two bowls of this 산채비빔밥 or mountain vegetable bibimbap, but after looking at the menu again, the boyfriend changed the order to one bibimbap and one fried plate of dodok.

 Fried 더덕 dodok. It was better than I expected, but still not amazing. 

 I thought the bibimbap was a bit expencive (6,000 won) until I realized that we got this huge pot of dwinchang jjigae to go with it for free. I can't believe this is only one serving!

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