Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jeju Guide: 용머리 해안 Dragonhead Beach

After getting our rental car later than planned, we took off to explore the south side of the island. About an hour drive through Hallasan National Park, we found ourselves at Dragonhead Beach. Here you can walk around the edge of a cliff formed with interesting rock formations and striations.

There are beauitful views of Hallasan and Sanbangsan.

There's lots of ajummas selling fresh seafood, if you're interested in that.... You can eat it on stools and make-shift tables right on the rocks.

Don't forget to check out a model of the Dutch ship that washed up here during the Joseon Dynasty. The sailors of the ship were brought to Hanyang (Modern-day Seoul) and eventually conscripted into the military. While, according to the stories, they were treated well, they were not allowed to leave Korea. Eventually, the some of the soldiers stole a boat and escaped to Japan and eventually made it back to the Netherlands where the captain published a book from the journal he kept during his time in Korea. It was the first book ever published about Korean life and culture and it was of great interest to Europeans.

Not to be confused with 용두암 (Dragon Head Rock) in Jeju City in the north. Admission to Dragonhead Beach is around 2,500 (I don't remember exactly) and I think it's well worth it. The sights are beautiful and you can learn a little history too!

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