Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A new blog?

I had a really silly idea today. Why not make a blog to help myself study Korean. I can do that thing that I hate when other people do it (aka vloging or whatever it is you call it) and make some videos and writings in Korean. I don't know how I'll ever have time to keep it up along with everything else... but if people like it and if it helps me learn, maybe I'll try to do it more. Especially when I'm done working in 4 months at my current hagwon, I'm hoping to have a little more free time/ Korean study time.

So, the concept? I write or make videos in Korean, and people more skillful than I can correct my mistakes. People at my level or lower can learn from me. It's a giving and sharing kind of thing.

If you're interested in my little project, check it out here: http://hangulstudy.blogspot.com/ . It's very simple for the moment, but I'm hoping it will grow!

ps... I feel really uncomfortable/self-conscious sitting in front of the camera. I have no idea how others do it on a regular basis.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a great idea. I've basically taken a year off from studying and really need to get back into things.

    As for the camera... I think it just takes practice. Like getting up in front of an audience and giving speeches.