Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You can learn to make makkoli THIS FRIDAY!

My friend is holding a makkoli making class in Hongdae and there's still a lot of open slots. Anyone is welcome to come. Please read the following invitation if you're interested.

We will make Korean traditional rice wine using an easy, traditional hand mixing process that calls for 누룩 (nuruk, yeast), 고두밥 (godubab, slightly underdone cooked rice), water, and makgeolli (rice wine). Making makgeolli this way tastes better than the kind you would buy in a restaurant, and you get to enjoy the process, too.

Where : Nana's Kitchen, which is closed to Exit 2, Hongdae ipgu Stn

Meeting Place : Hongdae ipgu(홍대입구) Station, subway line no. 2, Exit no. 2

Meeting Time : Please come by 12:45 pm

Date : 21 / May / 2010

Time : 1pm to 3pm

Price : 25,000 won per person, You need pay it on the field trip day.

Maximum participant : 20 people for one time,
if there's more people we will make another class from 3:30pm to 5:30pm

What you can get after field trip : Korean rice wine and it's recipe.

Reservation is Essential : Please write mail to, and tell me your name, mail address, cell phone number. Then I will send you cfm mail for your reservation.

Detail Schedule

12:45 ~ 12:55 meeting and check the attendance
12:55 ~ 1:00 move to Nana's Kitchen
1:00 ~ 3:00 Learning How to make Korean traditional rice wine and Korean pancake
after 3 :00 - Enjoy your holidays :D

Contact :


  1. I talked a coworker into coming along. :0)

  2. oh good, let's hope some more folks decide to come along too!

  3. Ooh, this looks cool!

    Ima try!

  4. great! send your info to the email address provided!