Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saturday Evening around Jongno

As I posted on Friday, this weekend was full of events going on in the Insadong/ Jongno/ Jogyesa area. Saturday night we ventured down at around 8 o'clock to see what we could see. There were a few events scattered around Insadong, but they were small and there were too many people, we couldn't see a thing. So, we made our way over to Jogyesa to see what we could see there. Frankly speaking, it looked more or less exactly like last year, except with more people because of all the events going on in the area. I took some photos there, but not too many because there wasn't much of a difference from the photos I took last year.

When we came out from the temple we realized there were more things going on down this street. There were some practices for the next evening's parade, so we got to see those as we walked down just in time to see them closing up the main performance stage we failed to find earlier.
We were just in time to snap some photos as the lanterns were rolled away.

Then we weren't sure what to do next. We wanted to go for a drink, but we didn't want to face the crowds around here, so we decided to walk a little way on the Cheonggyechong and find a Family Mart to grab a drink. We wound up spending more time than we expected along here grabbing photos and being indecisive about where to get out and find a mart.

Lanterns along the Cheonggyechong

Finally we walked all the way down to Euljiro 4 ga before we found a suitable place, but we enjoyed the rest of our evening drinking crappy Korean beer and eating snacks. All in all, a great evening.

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