Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kitakyushu: Mojiko

We departed from Beppu around noontime and headed back in the direction of Kitakyushu, where we flew into the morning before. Since our train pass was good for anywhere in the kitakyushu area, we went as far as we could go (as far as we were planning to go) to Mojiko, a newer tourist area/ old port area of the city. Here you can see many old buildings and check out some museums. We were starting to feel a bit poor by this point in the trip, so we opted not to actually pay admission to get into anywhere, but just check out what was free. We spend an hour or two wandering around here. It was good for photo taking and enjoying the weather.

Here's a steamship docked here...

Performing man with a monkey

Historic house where Einstien visited while in Japan. First floor is free to look around.
Bridge to mainland Japan. I didn't know how close it was!

Japanese Tall Ship docked in town for a few days. We watched them as they raised the sails.

Mojiko is a pretty touristy area, but it's nice for a few hours to walk around and see what's there. If you like shopping, there were lots of stalls outside selling things, but as I was not here for shopping it didn't really interest me. You can get here by train from Kokura station, it's only about 3 or 4 stops away, last station on the line.


  1. Seems they did that in the 1920s

  2. Not that I know of, but he was definitely there because I saw photos...