Monday, May 24, 2010

Culinary diary from my Beppu/ Kitakyushu, Japan trip

I totally forgot I planned to make this post, just like I did from my trip to Tokyo. Some foods I'm not sure of the name, so if you know, any help would be appreciated.

Japanese food is amazing. It's so completely different from Korean food. While Korean food tends to be very spicy, Japanese food uses more subtle flavors to tantalize the taste buds. Our trip to Tokyo became one giant food eating spree, and we decided that our trip to Beppu and Kitakyushu wouldn't be right if we didn't try the same. We basically ate small snacks every few hours so that we were always comfortably full.

Tempura and udon noodles


Steaming food over the hot steam rising from the earth in Beppu.

An egg cooked from the steam

(unknown- help?)

(unknown... help?) fried things on sticks

Yakisoba- fried soba noodles

Bento Box Shop

Koroke- kind of like mashed potatoes which were battered and fried... mmm, purchased from the Bento Box Shop

Japanese curry purchased from the Bento Box Shop

(unknown... help?)

Snack on the train- beer, natto, rice cakes and tempura

(unknown- help?) something yummy topped with a fried egg

Yakicurry- fried curry rice

Green Tea shake

Making Yakiudon- fried udon noodles


Any help to identify the food I ate would be appreciated. I'm no expert in Japanese cuisine....


  1. Surely one of the things in the sixth pic down is half a lotus root.

    Sorry, but that curry looks revolting--I hope it tasted a lot better than it looks!

    Did the vent-steamed food from Beppu taste sulfury? We were warned about that, but when we had a meal that way at Rotorua in NZ, it tasted great--no sulfur at all.

  2. yea, I'm sure it was a lotus root too... I'm more curious as to what fried things on sticks are called in general though...there was also a shrimp, a little fish, and some other unidentified things we tried too.

    The curry was good... i guess it does look a bit sketchy though...

    the vent steamed food smelled a bit sulfery, but I thought the taste was fine. When we cracked the egg open, it was brown inside, not white as it should have been, which was a bit weird, but anyway... taste was great!

  3. The dish on the black tray looks like Okonomiyaki.

  4. no, I didn't eat any okonomiyaki on this trip... I did on my trip to tokyo though... I was hoping to try it again..