Monday, May 24, 2010

Looks like I'm going to Cambodia for summer vacation

After much deliberation, I (think) I've finally decided to go to Cambodia for my week vacation this summer. Now it's time to figure out where I'm going to go once I get there. I should have about 8 1/2 days or so, which means going to Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and then one other place. I think I've decided I'd like to go to Battombang as the third stop. The itinerary in my head goes something like this:

Phnom Penh (3 days) --bus-->Battombang (2 days) --boat--> Siem Reap (3 days) --bus--> Phnom Penh and fly home.

People who've been to Cambodia: How does this sound? Is there somewhere better I should check out? Do you know of any cool places that might not make it into the guide books or might be easily overlooked? Know of any good hotels? I need advice people!


  1. Curiously, Cambodia is Korea-crazy for boy bands, soaps and even Pyongyang cold noodles! I can email you a few trip tips if you're game.

  2. yes please, any recommendations or advice is welcome!!

  3. take as many night buses as you can. try to get up for the sunrise at angkor wat. in seim reap eat at the khmer kitchen, le papier tigre, the blue pumpkin (good for snacks).

  4. Thanks! Anyone else with suggestions?