Monday, February 15, 2010

The rest of the long weekend... aka more skiing and a sweet hotel

As I said, after celebrating Seollal at Halmoni's house, we headed back up to Yongpyong Ski Resort, as we've been doing for the past three weekends. The closer we got to Pyongchang, the more and more snow we started seeing. While Seoul got a light dusting of snow continuously on Thrusday and Friday, Pyongchang got 80 cm of snow. We were quite excited about the morning's skiing, but for the moment we were more concerned about where we would sleep.

Actually, I should say, I was concerned where we would sleep. My coworker warned me that you have to make arrangements ahead of time on these holiday weekends, otherwise there will be no hotels left for the night. The boyfriend, cool and casual as usual laughed at my worry. His friend (who had been in Yongpyong for the past week... who needs to work?) offered to find us a place to stay while we were driving up. I'm not sure what my boyfriend requested, since the conversation took place in Korean, but when the keys were given to us, it turns out he got us a place at the Intercontinental Hotel near Alpensia Resort. Basically a 5 star hotel build in the off chance Korea gets to hold the 2018 Olympics.

I don't recall that I've ever been in a 5 star hotel before, but I was impressed by the King size bed and the fact that if you didn't like the pillow selection provided, you could call a number and get one of seven different kinds of pillows that the hotel has readily available for picky guests.

Our room
Our pillow selection. We were satisfied with what they gave us.

The lounge area of the hotel. We did not eat anything here. Only cut through to play in the snow.

Nearly up to my knees in snow.

Our hotel from the outside.

After hanging around the hotel for a while we met the boyfriend's friends at Yongpyong for some coffee and cake. The cake, from A Twosome Place, was delicious! Believe it or not..

Before 10 the next morning we were up to the top of Yongpyong hitting the trails hard. Not long after we met up with the boyfriend's crazy ski friends and we were skiing like madmen for a few hours. But, by noon time I had already fallen three times, not like me at all. My muscles were getting weaker by the second and everyone kept telling me to take a breather. Not wanting to hang out in the lounge alone, suffering from either boredom or someone dying to practice English with me, I held on for as long as I could, but eventually I gave up. The boyfriend and his friends did a few more runs and came in for lunch.

After lunch I did a few more runs, but I was pretty tired. Finally by 5 o'clock I was toast. We got in the car and drove straight home, not stopping to eat, drink or pee. Amazingly we made it home in 3 hours with no traffic, despite the long weekend rush home we expected.

All in all, another great weekend skiing.

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  1. That is my kind of hotel. I'll have to remember that one.