Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend update

I don't have too much to write about, but I thought I'd just summarize my weekend, purely for my own recollections later, and if you're interested, than feel free to read along.

Friday night I went out with my coworkers, between 6 people and 6 pitchers of beer I thought it was time to go home before round two. Unsurprisingly, Saturday morning was a more painful experience than usual.

Saturday I went to my free Korean class, as usual, and for dinner we got some halfway decent Japanese food from a restaurant that has probably never seen more than 5 people in the restaurant at once. Ordering was rather difficult, because they only had 3 menus for about 20 people. The food was slow, but decent... for Japanese food in Seoul, which tends to be a bit lacking. But, at least they gave everyone free ice cream for dessert.

Next stop was WaBar where we discussed the contents of my last post and had some other fun discussions.

After that, my boyfriend and I went to Gunja to meet some of his old elementary school friends for a pre-wedding party. We were invited to the wedding which is in a few weeks. The bar was typical Korean HOF style, but it was on the 10th floor of a random building, so it had some cool views. And, hanging out with all Koreans means I get to practice my Korean.

Sunday morning, way too early, we woke up to get back to Yongpyong, as we do every weekend nowadays. We hit the slopes before 10, but it took us a while to get up to the Rainbow slopes as it seemed everyone and their mother had come to Yongpyong on Sunday morning and Everyone needed to get on Rainbow. I've never seen such a long line at the gondola, or at the lift at the bottom of Rainbow. But by noon, it seems as though most people had given up with Rainbow. The trails were icy and the snow was too varied... too much/ too little within meters of each other. Even we were off rainbow by 3 o'clock. Back to Gold and Red for a while before my legs just couldn't stand it anymore.

After skiing we went to a friend of a friend's condo to wait for a little while before meeting some of the boyfriend's friends for dinner. The condos looked nice from the outside, but inside, it was amazing, the nicest I've ever seen in Korea before (though I have seen some nice ski condos in the US before). It had huge ceilings and a fireplace and three bathrooms for three bedrooms. Two of the bathrooms had jacuzzis and saunas too.

I took a nap here for a bit, then groggily went out for dinner with the boyfriend's friends. Dinner was unexpectedly good. Usually I am sorely disappointed after a meal in the town outside of Yongpyong, but we had this delicious chicken soup. One was not spicy, the other spicy. I found that if I mixed the two together in my bowl, I got the perfect level of spiciness.

We sailed home with no traffic, but it was still after 11 when we got home. We had to make several rest stops on the way home because the boyfriend was just way too tired to be driving well. But, we made it home alive and well but Monday morning came way too soon.

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