Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another 회 experience

Before I write about the excitement of Seollal/ Valentine's day, I want to finish writing about last weekend.

After skiing all day we went down to Jumunjin (just north of Gangneung on the east coast) to Jumunjin Sijang (market) where it's lined with seafood sellers and 횟집 (hwui chip- sashimi house). We met the boyfriend's friends for a dinner of 회 (sashimi). Unlike ordering sashimi in a Japanese restaurant, where you get a small plate of a few slices of raw fish, here you get endless courses of food.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like sashimi, but after eating a certain amount, my body kind of starts to say no more and I just simply can't eat any more.

I was quite excited about the non-seafood 반찬 (panchan- side dishes that come before/with Korean meals) at this restaurant. Here in the middle is a butter corn dish that was quite delicious. To the far right, you can see some seaweed pancakes that sound kind of nasty but were surprisingly good, above that is some kimbab. To the left of the kimbap is some broccoli, which I was super excited about because I never see broccoli in restaurants here. Below that are some fermented peanuts or something. You can also see in front of me is a bowl of miyokguk, seaweed soup. Not my favorite, the seaweed is a little too slimy for my refined taste buds.

Then the first main course came out. 물회 (water sashimi) which was some sort of raw fish in a spicy sauce with cabbage. Not bad.

Some more seafood like panchan came out with the 물회. I, on the whole, was not a fan...

Here's the main course. A huge helping of 회. There was three or four types of fish here. One of them happened to be poison blow fish. You know that fish that if you cut the wrong way you can die? Well, anyway, I ate one piece of that, but I stuck to the non-poisonous fish on the whole. There was some fish in the middle that still had bones in it (!) and I spit that out after putting it in my mouth. Everyone else just ate the bones too. (They were very small bones, if that makes you feel better)

After that, I was getting pretty full, and I couldn't believe my eyes when ANOTHER plate of 회 came out with a fish soup made from the remnant pieces of fish.

Here is a fish head found in that soup.

Here is the outside of the restaurant. All in all, not a bad experience for my second 회 experience in Korea. For my first experience, see here.

By the way, I was informed later that I ate some 개불 which most foreigners will recognise if I call it that penis looking fish. Of course, it must have been well chopped so that I didn't recognize it, if this is true. I, though, don't remember eating this........

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