Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Manditory Seminar

SLP headquarters is releasing a new book series for our teaching delight. It's meant to replace an antiquated book called Hi Kids! Which has almost nothing to teach from except some wordless pictures in a book and some photocopied vocabulary and key phrase sheets.

They decided to make a seminar to explain to us how to teach this book, New Hi Kids!, even though there is a very clear and wonderful teacher's guide that comes along with the book that breaks the lesson down minute by minute. Not only that but, they held the seminar at Sogang University, which is 30 minutes from my house and an hour from work.

While my friends at Seongdong got out of going to this boring, useless seminar, my school had to go. I guess being owned by Sogang University means you have to set some kind of precedent.

The seminar was amazing and uplifting and after coming out, I felt my life was forever changed in an indescribable way. Though I spent about 4 hours for this seminar, 1 hour in commute either way, plus two hours here at the seminar, all I got was a lousy sandwich. I guess I can't complain, though, since they didn't have to give me a sandwich.

In other news, I'm sick of my commute to work already, an hour commute is not my idea of a good time. We'll see where this job goes...


  1. I teach the old Hi Kids! 1 to a class of absolute beginners now...I want to die most days. The teacher's guide makes no sense...and the activities take like 2 minutes. It takes so much to keep their attention and Hi Kids! is so boring...especially to me. I'm glad to know they're stepping it up...

  2. sooooo true.. I hate teaching old hi kids.. Can't wait to teach more new hi kids classes...