Sunday, April 29, 2012

뜰안 Tea House in Jongno

As I wondered around the backstreets of Jongno this week I stumbled across this lovely tea shop mixed in with all the hanok homes behind Jongno-3-ga. My fascination with anything traditional in this country drew me in the door, and I'm quite happy we stopped by.

The ambiance was lovely with the wooden rafters exposed, floor seating and bojagi (traditional Korean quilt work) hanging in the window. It was hard to choose which tea to drink because there were so many, but finally I decided to get the maeshil tea (plum tea), which is served cold, and my boyfriend decided to get the traditional fermented tea.

Here is my plum tea. I really liked the cute star shaped ice floating on the top. It is very sweet and basically tastes like fruit. If you're not a fan of sweet teas it wouldn't be the right choice for you, but if you love fruity drinks, this is really cool and delicious.

The fermented tea was more interesting though, actually. We were given a pot of hot water, a small tea pot filled with fermented tea leaves, a small bowl to pour the steeped tea into and the waitress was kind enough to give us two cups so we could share the pot of tea.

Next time you find yourself in these backstreets of Jongno, be sure to stop by here for peaceful cup of tea in a traditional Korean ambiance.

For more information, please see their website (Korean only)

서울특별시 Seoul
종로구 Jongno-gu
익성동 166-76 Ikseong-dong 166-76
Phone: 02-754-7420

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