Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Beer Mart" and a New Trend in Beer Drinking

Nowadays, self-service drinking establishments like this one called "Beer Mart" are becoming more and more common around Seoul. It seems to be a combination of the freedom of drinking outside of a convenience store with a climate controlled environment and a huge international beer selection (though still severely lacking in the American beer selection outside of Budweiser and Miller). Chips and popcorn are available for purchase in the store, or you can bring in whatever you like from the outside. They even provide menus from local delivery restaurants so you can call and order your own food.

Since there's not much waitstaff here since everything is self-serve, you just have to collect your bottles in a basket like this, plus keep the wrappers of any snacks you buy, and then when you have finished for the evening, you just bring your basket and snacks up to the front to pay.

While far from being a classy sort of establishment, it is certainly cheap as they can afford to charge low prices for their beers. No expectations to buy anju must also be a draw for people on a budget who want to drink good beer.

Keep your eyes out for one of these style bars in your neighborhood. You may find that this is the best place to drink since the invention of the Family Mart outdoor seating area.

Where's your favorite self-service bar?

맥주마트- Beer Mart
서울시 성북구 석관동 133-1 3층- Seoul Seongbukgu, Seokgwan-dong 133-1 3F
02-957-6225 (Korean Only)


  1. Our local version is 맥주광. I love it. Especially since you can bring in your own food!

  2. I have been to 맥주광 in Anyang once, but I regularly meet friends in Sinjeongnegeori at 맥주뚜껑.