Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An invitation and some announcements


Our Janggu class will be holding a final performance this Thursday. All are welcome.

 Our Janggu class beating the drums furiously

Performance: Our janggu class, Hanyang University's Saemulnori class, and a performance by professional performers
Place: National Folk Museum of Korea (Next to Gyeongbokgung palace). Go to the auditorium.
Date: May 17th
Time: 3-4pm
Price: Free, museum admission is also free


Our new street... our house is the last one on the end of the alley
Lots of things going on lately. First, we're moving! Not far, but we've found a 3 bedroom hanok for 700,000 won a month and 20 million key money. We expected that it would be a pretty terrible place, judging by the low price, but after seeing it, we found it to be quite nice and much closer to the subway station than where we are now. We're moving early June. Photos to come after we're settled!

Second, I'll be spending the summer in America. I'm starting a graduate program at my alma mater to get my Master's in TESOL. Two summers on campus and 3 online classes and I should be the proud owner of a Master's degree by the end of next summer. Expect light posting from June-August.

 the concept of my table... but still a work in progress...

Perhaps from tomorrow, I'll be embarking on a little art project... (hopefully) transforming a seriously ugly table that we keep covered with a table cloth into a Korean collage. Here's a preview. Hoping to make a border around the edges with hanji. Either I will completely destroy this table with my poor art skills or I will make it usable again without a tablecloth... we'll see what happens in the end.... 

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  1. I wish I could make it, but I'll be teaching! Have a blast!