Friday, November 25, 2011

School Supra

 Supra at school

If you know anything about Georgia, you have probably heard of the famous “supra”. A supra is basically a feast in honor of something or someone. Sometimes a birthday, sometimes a wedding, sometimes to welcome a guest or for a funeral, Georgians can’t pass up any opportunity to eat and drink. Today in the teacher’s lunch room at school food started appearing on the table. This is strange because no one actually eats meals at school, usually all you can find to eat in the lunch room is cakes and cookies, teas and coffees. As more and more food started appearing I got the feeling something was up. 

 Khajapuri- cheese bread

 Stuffed tomatos and eggplants

After 10 minutes, the table was completely covered with food, and another table had been dragged in to pile more food and drink on it. I was informed that all of it, down to the pastries had been homemade. Then, right there in our free period we stopped for a supra, today, in honor of a teacher’s father who passed away two years ago. What looks deceivingly like a bottle of beer (because it is a beer bottle) on the table is actually full of homemade Georgian wine, and of course everyone was given a glass to make a toast to the teacher in honor of her father. 

Tsatsivi- Turkey in walnut sauce

Vinagreti- cooked, cold veggies in mayonnaise
I find it amusing how common it is to drink at school here. Yesterday after school one teacher pulled out a bottle of cognac and most of the teachers did a shot or two of that. The gym teacher (the only male teacher in the school) is always pulling wine out of some cabinet and passing around glasses during break times and a few days ago he even had a bottle of Tbilisuri (which I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I believe it is something like rum) that he was trying to convince me to drink on my break period.  Georgians never cease to amaze me. 

 Adjarian Khajapuri

 Boiled beef

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