Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Post Office

Written on 10/28/2011

I had a feeling the conversation would go something like this, but I figured I had to give it a shot.

Me: “Is there a post office here in our city?”
Co-teacher: “Why yes! Of course we have a post office!”
Me: “Oh, really? That’s great. You know I wanted to send a package to a friend in Korea. Do you think the postal system can handle that?”
Co-Teacher: “Oh, you mean you want to send something?”
Me: “Well… yea… “
Co-Teacher: “Oh… I don’t know if the post office is actually open.” She turned confirmed with another teacher in Georgian, then turned to me again and said, “yes, I think it was working 5 years ago, but I don’t think it is working now.”
Me: “So… how do you get mail if there is no postal service?”
Co-Teacher: “Well, we can send things at banks. And we use e-mail.”
Me: “So, if I want to send a package I can go to the bank?”
Co-Teacher: “Hm, I’m not sure, but you can send money there.”
Me: “So, if your relative in America wanted to send you something, could you receive it?”
Co-Teacher: “Yes, Georgia has some problems, I think.”

Sorry folks, don’t expect any post cards from Georgia….


  1. The past tense for lie down(assume a prone position) is LAY you dumbass!

  2. Wow, I'm sorry I can't compete with your gramatical prowess or your winning personality. Corrections are always welcome as I accept that to err is human. Please keep in mind that I am living in a developing country and earning the wages of a developing country. I do not have Internet access in my home and therefore every minute I am online I must pay for. I don't have the luxury here to proofread everything I write as I am accustomed to whe I am at home. Please keep your comments respectful.