Saturday, November 5, 2011

The real reason for fences

Written on 10/20/2011

I was walking home through the village back to my city yesterday with one of my co-teachers and I was asking her some questions about the farm animals that roam about freely.

Me: “There are so many cows roaming around everywhere. How do their owners find them?”
Co-Teacher: “Oh, they go home at night.”
Me: “How do they know how to go home at night?”
Co-Teacher: “Oh, well, Georgian cows are very smart.” (This was a joke of course)
“You know, several years back, you could even see cows in the city.”
Me: “You know, I live in the city and I see cows around my house every day. They just walk around and eat anything they can find, grass, bushes, they even eat the bushes that stick out through people’s fences.”
Co-Teacher: “Yes, that is why we have fences. To keep the cows and pigs out.”
Me: “Not to keep people out?”
Co-Teacher: “No no, no one ever locks their gates here. But if there were no fences, the cows would enter our yards and eat everything.

Ah… Georgia.

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