Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Campaign: Korean Movie Review

Since there aren't any Korean movies set to be subtitled this year so far, we've been working on expanding our DVD collection. We usually pick up movies when we see them on sale for 1 for 1,000 won either at Technomart or at the Dongmyo market. Rarely does a movie make such a good impression on me that I feel that I need to write a review, but in the past week I've seen two noteworthy movies the first of which was a movie called Wedding Campaign or 나의 결혼원정기. 

This comedy, which premiered in 2006,  lightheartedly touches upon some really serious issues in Korea today. The story revolves around two men from the country who have been unable to find wives until now they realize that they are in their late 30's and have no one. Parents and grandparents are starting to put on the pressure on them to find someone to help run the house. Some other folks in town have started to bring home wives from a country they can't pronounce, but sounds something like Uzubeku. They can't find it on a map, but they decide that they will go there to find a young, pretty bride to bring home.

Upon arriving in Uzbekistan, they find themselves amidst a corrupt buisness of selling Uzbek brides to South Korean men. It takes them a while to realize it, too, but their translator is a North Korean defector who has adopted a South Korean accent and is trapped in her miserable job until she can afford to buy fake South Korean passports from her boss so she can finally stop running from the law.

This is really a hidden gem of a movie. It touches on all these topics that I find so interesting in a comedic way. I highly recommend watching this movie if you happen to find it next time you're out shopping for DVDs or browsing movies online.

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  1. Nice review. I haven't heard about this korean movie, but I think its worth a watch.