Thursday, June 9, 2011

달맞이 근립공원: Dalmaji Park

I stumbled across this hilltop park a few weeks ago on a bike ride along the Hangang. It's not very famous or special, and it was rather empty, but it had some lovely views, a huge, desolate exercise park and the chance to play badminton while looking across the whole city.

Getting up here is no easy feat. Be ready to climb some stairs! 

Huge, empty exercise park. You can get all your exercise done without paying those pesky gym fees. Right down to the bench press. 

Strange, swarming insects. Never seen anything like these things before... 

And the best view from a badminton court that I've ever found.

You can find this outside Oksu station (line 3/ Jungang line). When you get out of the station, just look up!

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